Broad Application Prospects of Capacitor in Emerging Industries

China Capacitor Industry Status Quo

In the 78th China (Shanghai) Electronics Fair, capacitor applications and selection seminars fully reflects the field of capacitor production and consumption in the consideration of new energy, new materials, and new industries. Many capacitor manufacturing company elaborated the development trend of the capacitor from bolt capacitor, super capacitor applications and selection of the new energy, film capacitor applications in the field of new energy, as well as the development of new energy capacitor device technology perspective, the industry veteran persons resonance. Capacitor developed rapidly in the solar photovoltaic, wind power, energy-saving lamps, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and other industries, domestic capacitor enterprises should pay close attention to the forward-looking industry, should introduce a product to adapt to a different machine requirements to become bigger and stronger.

AC motor film capacitor

Performance of Electrolytic Capacitor and Film Capacitor

AC motor run capacitor accounts for about 40% of the whole amount of electronic components, while electrolytic capacitors account for more than 34% of the entire capacitor production, and they are mainly used in computer, color TV, air conditioning, camera. Rising with the progress of the electrolytic capacitor technology in recent years in the field of automotive electronics, new energy, aerospace and military have wide uses, mainly used in the manufacture of energy-saving lamps, inverter, inverters, UPS, etc., so that the proportion of the electrolytic capacitors in the capacitor market is expected to further improved. Compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors have good reliability and stable performance, large capacity, more suitable for outdoor harsh natural environment. As one of the Chinese professional film capacitor manufacturers, Shanrui Holding Co. vigorously expands the of frequency appliances and new energy market, the company’s production of AC film capacitors can be used in a number of areas: new energy hybrid vehicles, wind power, solar energy and other industries.

Film Capacitors and Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Competition

Currently, the market capacity of the electrolytic capacitor in the new energy market is still greater than the film capacitors, but by virtue of superior performance, film capacitor penetration is also rising. In the future, it is film capacitors instead of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, to distinguish between the markets under high pressure range. In the 78th China Electronics Fair, the capacitor Application and Selection Seminar will focus on both capacitors in the green emerging industry in the application prospects and market development, and the selection and application of design reference for engineers and purchasing personnel to enhance the design and procurement capacity of local engineers and purchasing personnel. is a leading and professionally manufacturer has been specializing in film capacitor and ceramic capacitor’s manufacturing since 1993. All our products are SGS, IEC, ISO9001 and RoHS compliant. If you are interested in our products, welcome to visit our page for more details!

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