Flexible and Lightweight LED Video Screen Makes Touring Easier

To simplify the video presentation during his most recent tour without sacrificing results, while also making life a lot easier for his road crew, legendary performer Meatloaf turned to , designer and manufacturer of the industry’s most flexible, lightweight LED video screen solution.

During the multi-city, three month tour led display curtain, provided a custom-made14-panel, 20mm LED Curtain that offered ease of set-up while delivering high-quality video images to support the rock star’s nightly performance. The company’s 20MM Curtain features 2,500 pixels PSM (Per Square Meter) and 3240 brightness. To support the Meatloaf tour, developed custom-size panels, totaling approximately 16.8’tall x 29.4’ wide. For Louis Smith, long-time video technician working with notable performers such as Sting, Eminem, 50 Cent, Korn and Stevie Nicks, the LED Curtain was the ideal solution for the Meatloaf tour.“It’s a great system,” Smith said. “You can’t beat the weight. It goes up and down easy – two people can have the system down and in the truck in 45 minutes. But the fact that the whole thing fits into five feet of truck is really what separates the Curtain from other LED video solutions. It’s THE solution for one-truck tours.”

Flexible in all directions and exceptionally durable, LED Curtains are able to bend and shape around structures for a more creative display effect. It’s that flexibility that Meatloaf hopes to take advantage of on the next leg of his tour, tentatively scheduled for April 2013.“Meatloaf was so impressed with the 360 degree led display that he wants to wrap the whole stage with the LED Curtain when we hit the road in 2013,” Smith revealed. “As the person responsible for having to set that up, it’s comforting to know that we’ll be able to do so without taking up multiple trucks with the video system or spending hours putting it together.”

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